Familyness - Branding

Familyness is a place where parents and carers with children with special needs are accompanied emotionally and psychologically. Familyness supports caregivers so that they can accept and better enjoy their life situations.


The essence of Familyness is to help view special education from a perspective of positive and personal growth. It may be a difficult situation but the person who experiences it does not have to be unhappy.


The visual concept of branding is the statement: "I am different and I can also be happy." The predominant color that refers to the difference is salmon - a warm color between a passionate red and a loving pink. The smile in the logo refers to happiness.


Illustrations are made with clean lines to remember the simplicity of life.


I made a video to explain and help people who access the website to better understand what Familyness is and the complex story behind the company’s origin.

Competencies Conceptualization, Illustration, Graphic & Motion design

Software Illustrator, Photoshop & After Effects

Music artist Chad Crouch

Sound design Huberth Laurent

Year April 2020

Location Barcelona / Spain

Client Familyness