IDEP - Promotional campaign

This is a collaborative project with 13 motion designers where each artist created a 20-second piece to explain in three scenes what IDEP school means to them.

In my piece, I wanted to focus on the transgressive style that the IDEP brand promotes. To talk about revolution in such a short time, I proposed to put two artists, who have each respectively changed the art world, together with IDEP. In this way, I have created a series of transgressive milestones.


The video consists of the sculpture “David” by Michel Ángelo, then “Fountain” by Duchamp, and lastly, the IDEP shield.

Competencies Conceptualization, Graphic & Motion design

Software Cinema 4D, Photoshop & After Effects

Music artist Nctrnm

Year April 2021

Location Barcelona / Spain

Client Personal Project