Visual identity

IMPERFECTA / Personal Project

2020 / Barcelona, Spain


I created "Imperfecta", a cosmetic brand whose objective is to encourage women to be themselves and don't follow any aesthetic fashion. The concept behind the branding is the purity of every person. For that reason, the logotype's typeface is a handwriting one, the branding system applications are colorful to remember the joy of life, and the website content is showed on one page to have all the information in one scroll, nothing is hidden.




Visual identity video-presentation

This is the animated presentation to show the visual identity of the brand. In the animation, the client

can feel the branding's atmosphere, the logotype animation, the brand's manual, the label designs

of the products, the website, and an example of a digital promotion made for women's day.

Direction, Design & Animation: ISABEL BONILLA BESSET